Everything you need for a party!

We're about more than just beer. Come on in for some great local eats too.

The Stout Brothers Beer Markets are about more than just craft beer in a growler. We strive to be neighborhood gathering places that participate in the local communities that support us. We bring in not only the best local and regional craft beers that are available but also any amazing and rare beers that we can get our hands on, all for your imbibing pleasure (and ours too, of course). If there is anything you are ever looking for that you can’t find anywhere else, please ask us and we will do our best to find it and bring it in for you! We are all about educating our guests on food and beer but we are even happier when you can teach us or show us something new!

In addition to amazing beers and ciders, we also focus on bringing in the best local, artisanal foods that we can find. We believe in supporting as much of our local community as we can and we feel that buying from small local producers is a great way for us to start. Sometimes we will go outside of our local area to search out outstanding food stuffs from all over the country that are hard to find, just to bring you a taste of something different (ok, also because we want to eat it), but really we believe that local and fresh is always the best bet!

Why does a Beer Market carry food you ask? Well, we are firm believers that food and beer pairings are often over-looked for the more popular wine and pairings. While we love wine and pairing it well is always delicious, we feel that beer is even more interesting to use in food pairing since it has millions of more flavor notes that can be used to go with food. We also love to have backyard barbecues and throw tailgating parties with our friends, so it made sense to make a store where people like us (which is pretty much everyone) could have a one stop shop for these things. So come on in, shoot the breeze, taste some new things and go home with all the deliciousness you can handle.